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O sofá é a peça-chave na decoração de uma sala e é por isso que merece a nossa maior atenção.

The sofa is the key piece in the decoration of a room and that is why it deserves our utmost attention.

It is on our sofa that we rest, relax, receive visits and sometimes even eat. It is normal that, over the years, the upholstery, exposed to many aggressions, begins to wear out. If the structure remains good, and replacing its “cover” is a solution, get to work and give your sofa a new life, following these tips:
Passo-a-Passo para Mudar a Agulha da Máquina de Costura

Step by Step to Change the Sewing Machine Needle

Today we share with you a simple but important step-by-step to help you in the sewing process.
Como tornar o quarto num sítio ainda mais aconchegante?

How to make the bedroom an even cozier place?

Our quality of life is directly related to the environment we frequent. The bedroom is, for this reason, a very important place, since it is here that we rest, sleep and enjoy moments of tranquility. Making the room more cozy, planning its decoration, can greatly improve your quality of life.

Best of all, it is possible to completely transform the look of this room with a few simple practical tips. With creativity, we can create a personalized and happy decoration. Let's do it? Check out the tips we have for you now..
Como construir uma tendinha de índio para crianças.

How to build an Indian tent for children.

Originally called Tipi, this type of tent was used by tribes, using wooden poles to form its structure, which was then covered with animal skins. These tents have a cone shape and, nowadays, are adapted for ceremonies and even for tourist spaces, in a decorative tone.

We know how children love to play in their own “houses” and giving them this tool can stimulate their creativity even more. Transforming the room into a forest inhabited by Indians can be such a fun activity for both little ones and parents. Let's do it? Today, we help her create an Indian tent to play with.

Como manter a casa fresca para o verão

How to keep the house cool for the summer

With the arrival of the new season, high temperatures invite you to spend more time outside. The truth is that, using the right tricks, we can also make our home a cool and comfortable place for these days.

In this article, we will understand how to cool the house quickly in order to make better use of the spaces and also to sleep longer during a heat wave. Some of these tips mean that you can make your home a pleasant place without relying on electronic consumption that is neither wallet-friendly nor environmentally friendly.

Lower counts and lower temperature - sounds like a good dynamic to us. Shall we do this? Check out the tips we have for you now.

Como usar o estilo Japandi no seu design de interiores?

How to use Japandi style in your interior design?

Rooted in minimalism, this style has become a very popular interior design style, combining Scandinavian influences with design principles typical of Japanese culture. Continue reading our article to find out how to incorporate this style into your own home design.