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It is on our sofa that we rest, relax, receive visits and sometimes even eat. It is normal that, over the years, the upholstery, exposed to many aggressions, begins to wear out. If the structure remains good, and replacing its “cover” is a solution, get to work and give your sofa a new life, following these tips:

Before upholstering the sofa, take lots of pictures - Take pictures of the complete sofa, from different angles, and also of some details that you consider more difficult.

Removing the old upholstery - You cannot upholster the new fabric on top of the existing fabric. In this step, it is important to turn the sofa over and remove the pieces, one by one. It is also important to check the state of filling.

Choosing a new sofa fabric - The upholstery fabric is a very important element. Whether with stripes, a floral pattern, or plain, among many others. In our online store you will find Velvet for Esfofos for all tastes.

From the old fabric, create the new upholstery - With the new fabric already chosen, it is necessary to cut the new fabric to the size of the old fabric. Here, photographs will be very useful. You can lay the old material out on a flat surface and place the new material on top of the first. With a sewing machine, it's important to bring all the edges of the fabric together and match each part of the sofa.

Attach the fabric to the sofa and assemble everything - At this stage you should use a stapler to attach the fabric to the sofa, especially on the inside. With this task completed, just reassemble the sofa in the same order you disassembled it.


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