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It's true, the condition of the needle is very important for your sewing projects to go smoothly and for your machine to last longer.
For this reason, it is extremely important that you change it from time to time, as it will wear out/damaged over time.
To understand if it's time to change the needle, pay attention to these situations that indicate that you should change the sewing machine needle
The machine makes different noises than normal, almost as if it is under strain;
The machine is skipping stitches or not forming stitches;
Don't you remember the last time you changed the needle? Then it's a good time to do it;
And of course, if she's broken or crooked.
What instruments will you need?
– screwdriver
– new needle
Step by step to change the needle
1. Turn off the machine. This step seems basic but it is very important to avoid accidents.
2. With the help of the screwdriver, loosen the screw on the needle housing, turning it towards you. Carefully pull the needle out until you can remove it from the holder – you may need to unscrew it a little more if it doesn't come out right away.
3. Insert the new needle, taking care that the smooth/flat side of the upper part of the needle must be facing backwards.
4. Place it as high as possible and tighten the screw again using the wrench. This time turn the screw in the opposite direction of step 2.
5. On a piece of fabric, make a few stitches to make sure everything is ok.
6. If so, the machine is now ready to sew again!

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