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With the arrival of the new season, high temperatures invite you to spend more time outside. The truth is that, using the right tricks, we can also make our home a cool and comfortable place for these days.

In this article, we will understand how to cool the house quickly in order to make better use of the spaces and also to sleep longer during a heat wave. Some of these tips mean that you can make your home a pleasant place without relying on electronic consumption that is neither wallet-friendly nor environmentally friendly.

Lower counts and lower temperature - sounds like a good dynamic to us. Shall we do this? Check out the tips we have for you now.

1. Close windows and blinds

Opening the windows can be quite tempting on hot days, but this is not the best option. To keep the house cool, you need to keep the warm air outside, this means keeping windows, especially those facing south, closed and covered with blinds or curtains during the day. So, at night, when the temperature drops, you can open everything, so that the house can air out.

2. Opt for curtains with blackout fabrics

In addition to being an excellent option for sleeping longer without being bothered by sunlight, blackout fabrics prevent the rays from passing into the house, keeping the rooms in the house cooler. Check out our selection of fabrics for this purpose here .

3. Add plants to home decor

In addition to bringing a touch of life to your home, plants help to keep the humidity in the environment, creating a more pleasant feeling, without many fluctuations in temperature during the day. Just pay attention to the type of plant, as some do not adapt well to indoor environments. Also, do not place very large plants in small rooms, as this can have the opposite effect and create a stuffy feeling.

4. Use natural fabrics

Fresh, flowing fabrics are perfect for the season. Linen and cotton guarantee a soft and refreshing touch that will convey this lightness to the entire home environment. Invest in sheets with these fabrics, to keep the nights more pleasant. And in the living room, choose to change the velvet, suede pillows, for these cooler fabrics. Believe me, it will make all the difference.

5. Pay attention to the light bulbs in the house

It may seem pointless, but the truth is that the type of light bulbs we use greatly influences the temperature in the house. Incandescent light bulbs should be avoided, for the obvious reasons: they emit a lot of heat and waste more than 70% of energy. Bet on compact fluorescent lamps or LED, these keep the house cool and save you a lot.

6. Keep tones in mind

Colors really mess with our brain and our perception of temperature. Also, lighter colors absorb less heat. Painting the facade a light color can help as it will reflect more sun rays. Regarding the interior, opt for walls and furniture that are also lighter. In this way, they keep the environment brighter and fresher.

7. Consider using an awning

If your house is a house, or even if you have a small terrace, the use of an awning, in addition to preventing the sun from hitting the windows directly, can make the space much more pleasant for leisure time outside. Consider installing an awning, pergolas, or some type of extender to create more shade.

You can use your creativity, buying the fabric, the ropes and installing an awning tailored to your outdoor space. If that is your objective, ask us for advice on the most resistant and suitable fabrics for making awnings.

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