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Originally called Tipi, this type of tent was used by tribes, using wooden poles to form its structure, which was then covered with animal skins. These tents have a cone shape and, nowadays, are adapted for ceremonies and even for tourist spaces, in a decorative tone.

We know how children love to play in their own “houses” and giving them this tool can stimulate their creativity even more. Transforming the room into a forest inhabited by Indians can be such a fun activity for both little ones and parents. Let's do it? Today, we help her create an Indian tent to play with.

1) Prepare the materials

To make a large tent, you will need 6 narrow strips of wood, fabric large enough to cover the tent, and twine. When choosing fabric, be creative. You can opt for a more clean and minimalist tent, for example, with linen fabrics or you can decorate the tent with your child's favorite theme, with fabrics printed with dolls, for example.

2) Assemble the frame

Join the 6 wooden strips at the top ends. Use a string or string to secure the structure well. If you prefer, you can use even more strips of wood, but 6 should be enough to achieve the desired stability.

3) Join the ends

By joining the wooden strips, they will form a kind of circle. Here, the idea is to join the lower parts of your structure together. Use the string and secure your tipi's feet securely.

4) Choose the tone of the fabric

This fabric will be used to cover the structure that will form the tent. If you want to convey a more rustic look, opt for raw tones. But, as we said above, you can use colored fabrics or buy plain fabric and make your own designs. Before laying the fabric, make sure the frame is secure. Then roll up the fabric of your choice, but don't close the tipi completely: leave a part open to serve as a door.

5) Get creative with your Tipi decor

You can use colored lanterns or strings of light to create an even more mystical atmosphere. Add pillows, blankets and any accessories that remind you of the forest environment.

Get in the spirit and enjoy laughing or sounds of jungle animals. Believe me, these are going to be amazing days of play for the whole family!

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